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Warframe update details a compound bow, new locations, characters, fancy UI

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The Update 7.0 video for Warframe, the third-person free-to-play sci-fi shooter from the developers behind The Darkness 2, details the Paris compound hunting bow, new locations, new boss, tweaks to the UI system and a new characters.

New characters include Saryn, who can poison enemies with her melee weapon and Banshee, who has a shock wave attack.

Gamers play as an endangered race called the Tenno who are equipped with upgradeable exo-skeletons known as Warframes. Using the Warframes, the Tenno must battle for survival against three other races: Grineer, Corpus and Infected.

Digital Extremes' PC title features upgradeable exo-skeletons, procedurally generated multiplayer PvE and four-player co-op.

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