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Skyrim lithographs damaged while shipping

Official Skyrim lithographs purchased from the Bethesda store were found to be damaged in transit after being shipped to the warehouse, Bethesda said in an email sent to users who purchased the item.

"unfortunately," the message reads, "no one there noticed until they finally went on sale and began to be packaged up for you all. While some of them were less damaged than others, we decided that any damage at all was unacceptable and the fairest thing would be to have them all destroyed so we could start over fresh."

Reprints of the lithographs are underway and will be rushed to the store's warehouse to begin shipping out to customers. Shipping is expected to begin the week of April 1. As these are numbered items, the store will designate these new prints with an asterix on the off chance that one of a number of unaccounted for first-run prints surface.

"We're chasing down the missing numbers from this first run so we can avoid any collisions, but just to be safe, the asterisk will unobtrusively keep things clear," the message continues.

These limited edition lithographs are currently out of stock on the official Bethesda website. The 24x36 inch print shows off a mountainous landscape from the Skyrim setting.

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