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Final Fantasy 10 HD comes with Final Fantasy 10-2 HD on PS3, separate on Vita

The in-development Final Fantasy 10 high-definition remake, slated for release on PlayStation 3 and Vita, will reportedly be accompanied by an HD remastery of its sequel, Final Fantasy 10-2, according to scans from the latest issue of Japanese Jump Magazine via Anago.

The reported scans show both games' logos at the top of the page and several screenshots comparing the remastered version of Final Fantasy 10 with the original. The page says both games will ship on the same disc for the PS3 version, but will only be available separately for Vita. Additionally, both titles will contain content from their extended "international" versions, previously unavailable in North America.

Final Fantasy 10 International included an additional "Expert" track for the game's Sphere Grid ability learning system, battles against higher-level "Dark" versions of character Yuna's summons and the 14-minute short video "Eternal Calm," which bridges the story between 10 and 10-2. Final Fantasy 10-2 International + Last Mission added two new dresspheres, or classes, to the game's combat system as well as an additional tower dungeon. Both international versions also included concept artwork and additional bonus media.

Final Fantasy 10 was released for PlayStation 2 in 2001 as the first Final Fantasy title to include voice acting. In 2003 Square Enix released Final Fantasy 10-2, a direct sequel set two years after the events of the first game.

In September 2011, Square Enix announced it would release an HD remake of Final Fantasy 10 for PlayStation 3 and Vita to commemorate the game's tenth anniversary, and earlier this year the company unveiled the first footage for the remade title. Currently there is no information on a release date.

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