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WildStar trailer explores the story and systems of this stylized MMO

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Carbine Studios has released a brand-new trailer for its upcoming MMO WildStar, explaining the game's plot in a nutshell and examining its various systems.

When the legendary planet Nexus is discovered on the edge of known space, explorers of all stripes converge on the place to make it their own. Players can join up with the rag-tag Exiles or the imposing and imperial Dominion as they explore the place and kill whatever lies in their way in the name of epic loot.

Players will be able to purchase "Warplots" and turn them into heavily armed fortresses bristling with weapons to fight off enemies, as well as standardized player housing that they can decorate at their will. As seen in this trailer, WildStar also offers four "Paths" beyond its normal class system: Soldier, Explorer, Scientist, and Settler. Each path will have a different effect upon the world as a whole — Explorers can claim territory for a faction, and Settlers can create banks and other buildings, for example.

WildStar is slated for release this year.

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