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SimCity update aimed at fixing traffic problems, new Asia server coming next week

The latest update for SimCity makes a number of corrections to the title's previously reported traffic problems, as well as readies a new server for launch, according to a post on the Electronic Arts forums.

According to the post from a Maxis community manager, the update fixes traffic intersection and congestion issues and re-routes emergency vehicles to avoid traffic and drive in empty lanes. Both emergency and delivery vehicles will now be given priority over regular cars and other common traffic when leaving their origin points.

Maxis has also tweaked SimCity to perform better on hardware with lower specifications, and the bulldozing tool can now be used to demolish all buildings and units across the board.

Additionally, a new Asia 2 server will be added next Tuesday evening, bringing the total number of SimCity servers up to 24.

The developer began looking into SimCity's traffic congestion, "clumping" and overcrowding problems last week, and announced that they were developing fixes for the issues earlier this week.

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