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Open Me! heading to PlayStation Vita in North America, playable at GDC

PlayStation C.A.M.P! will bring box-centric puzzle game Open Me! to North American for PlayStation Vita, SCEA assistant producer Dais Kawaguchi announced via the PlayStation Blog.

Originally debuted as Box! Open Me at the 2012 Tokyo Game Show in Japan, the game uses the Vita's cameras and augmented reality capabilities. Players work out different puzzles through touch in order to open boxes.

The game includes a multiplayer aspect, where two players work together to open a box on separate Vita systems. One player will hold open the box's lid, for example, while the other looks inside. Other instances include players reading off code numbers to each other or angling lasers.

Check out our hands-on video for a look at how the game works. Open Me! will be playable at this GDC in San Francisco at the Silicon Studio booth. Polygon will be reporting live from the event.

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