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TERA: Rising gains 1.4 million North American players, special five-day in-game event starts today

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TERA: Rising, En Masse Entertainment's fantasy massively multiplayer online game, has risen to 1.4 million users in North America after making the jump to a free-to-play model, according to a recent press release.

In honor of the game's success, En Masse will hold a five-day event called Dracoloths Rising. Beginning today, players will be able to hunt special monsters for prizes and high-level drops. The event will end on March 24.

En Masse CEO Chris Lee said that at the TERA: Rising's current rate, "it won't be long" before the game hits two million players. You can view the latest screenshots from the game above.

TERA: Rising went free-to-play on Feb. 5 as an attempt to widen its audience. In Europe, the game nearly doubled in player size. It's not the first game to see substantial growth after adapting new business model. Activity in The Secret World, Funcom's myth-filled, modern-day MMORPG, increased more than 400 percent after opening the game up for free play.

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