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Dust 514 getting Eve Online-style council to represent players' interests

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Dust 514, the MMO shooter tie-in for Eve Online on PlayStation 3, will have a group that speaks on behalf of the game's player base similarly to Eve Online, according to a forum post from developer CCP Games.

Eve Online players are represented by the Council for Stellar Management, a body of player-elected representatives who speak to CCP on behalf of the MMO's user base. According to developer CCP Dolan, the studio was "looking into creating a similar group for Dust 514," and decided to make it a player-run organization. CCP is now soliciting suggestions from the Dust 514 community for a group it is tentatively calling the "War Council."

"This appointed council will work closely with us in establishing a voting system, working with teams regarding upcoming features, and generally serving a similar role to the Eve Online CSM," said CCP Dolan.

Eve Online's Council for Stellar Management serves in an advisory capacity to CCP, providing comments on the nature of the game and its development with the aim of representing the players' best interests.

Dust 514, a free-to-play title, is currently in open beta and is set for release later this year.

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