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Foot-controlled 'Stinkyboard' launching in June, Kickstarter incoming

Stelulu Technologies will launch a PC controller designed for the foot called the Stinkyboard in June for $119, with pre-orders available in the company's upcoming Kickstarter.

The Stinkyboard in a cross-shaped board with four programmable buttons that's meant to act as a replacement for a mouse. In typically mouse-and-keyboard-heavy games, such as first person shooters, users can perform simultaneous actions. According to the board's description, a player could strafe, switch weapons or throw an item with the Stinkyboard while still keeping regular functionality in a keyboard.

Stelulu plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon, and those interested can sign up for alerts through the board's homepage.

The Stinkyboard is only compatible with Windows PCs. Polygon will be speaking with the board's creators at PAX East. Check back for our live coverage all weekend long.

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