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Bigpoint reveals Merc Elite, a near-future military MOBA

Bigpoint, the browser-based free-to-play publisher and developer, have revealed details of its upcoming team-based massively online battle arena game, Merc Elite.

The near-future military themed game will feature directorial cover mechanics and direct fire shooting.

Along with customizable weapons, players can choose from five customizable classes: Recon, assault, commander, heavy gunner and tank. Going against stronger enemies will earn players more in-game currency to use on weapon and character upgrades.

Merc Elite's top-down perspective gameplay consists of five versus five team battles, and Domination is the main game mode where teams fight to gain control of the most flags.

The Unity-based game is open for beta registrations.

October last year, Bigpoint laid off 80 employees in Germany and and more than 40 in San Francisco. At the same time yet apparently unrelated, the then CEO Heiko Hubertz shifted his role to executive chairman of the company's advisory board.

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