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Dust 514 integration with Eve Online continues with live combat event this Friday

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CCP Games will hold a live event this Friday that will further integrate Dust 514 into the universe of MMORPG Eve Online, the developer announced in a post to the game's community page.

The Battle of Cadari Prime will take place sometime tomorrow morning ET, and has been designed to demonstrate the depth of integration between the two titles, according to CCP. Up until this point, the developer has hosted in-game events bringing the two games in closer contact, but Caldari Prime will "kick off" what the developer hints will be a massive battle. Players will lock arms on the planet Caldari Prime, where skirmishes have been taking place over the past few days. In-game law enforcement and players will go head to head on the planet's surface and the surrounding space.

Speaking with Massively, CCP says the event is designed to push players to begin self-scripting the lore of Dust 514. The developer plans to synchronize all events across both games in the future so players will realize the scope of these real-time events.

CCP recommends players keep a close eye on Dust and Eve news in the coming hours, and those who participate in specific events through the battle will earn a special commemorative dropsuit. The battle will also be live streamed on the developer's Twitch channel and will include cameras mounted on ships and live commentary.

"As we‘ve hinted at for a while, the in-game events we‘ve been running are building up to major events, and judging by the commotion this week, things are about to kick off," reads the post. "The battleground is set, the fight belongs to you."

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