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Ken Levine and the Untold Stories of Rapture: Part 1 (BioShock + My Little Pony)

In less than a week, BioShock Infinite will introduce the world to a brand new city of political and sociological extremes. But, before that happens, we wanted to take one last look back at the city of Rapture with the man who made it happen: Ken Levine, Irrational Games creative director.

It turns out that Mr. Levine still has a few tales from Rapture up his sleeve, which he is calling The Untold Stories of Rapture. And now we present to you Part 1, titled "All Good Things Flow into the City."

(The true backstory is that we thought it'd be cool to get Ken Levine to read BioShock fan fiction, as written by his fans. This first story was written by Troix Manning (username: The Great and Powerless) on Don't worry, we asked for permission!)

Watch Part 2!

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[Post production team: Mark Grassia (Director), Philip Pasternak (Lead Animator & Illustration Artist)]
[Video team: Jimmy Shelton, Tom Connors, Pat McGowan]
[Original concept: Justin McElroy]
[Editorial producer: Russ Frushtick]

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