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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Wii U patch tweaks remote settings, fixes multiplayer bugs

An update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 pushed live today makes a number of tweaks to control settings for both the Wii Remote and GamePad, as well as fixes a number of bugs in multiplayer mode, according to the patch notes.

The heatmap is now visible on the GamePad controller while players are in the MP menu. Wii Remote settings have been tweaked as well, including a slight increase to aim assist snap strength. Players can now press forward and hold down the A button to mantle, or parkour across terrain and objects, and locking the camera will no longer stop it from rotating when players are aiming a shot down a sight.

Bugs preventing players from skipping killcams and controlling Floating during kill and spectator cams have been fixed. An issue in which Tactical Insert respawning could not be canceled on certain button layouts has been removed as well.

Several issues across all versions of Black Ops 2 have also been rectified with the update, include updates to spawning balance, additional spawn points and a wide array of multiplayer fixes. Problems with overlapping UI in the CODcasting feature have been solved, and players can now turn the Voice Icon on and off for CODcasting in Theater mode and boot players from custom game lobbies when hosting matches.

A full list of patch notes and details is available on the Call of Duty official website.

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