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Ubisoft announces Might and Magic X Legacy, will be shown at PAX East

Ubisoft announced Might and Magic X Legacy today, the next installment in the Might and Magic first-person role-playing game series.

Might and Magic X Legacy, in development with Limbic Entertainment, will be showcased at PAX East this weekend in Boston.

The game picks up after the events of the previous title, 2011's Might and Magic Heroes 6. Players will send their character, one in a party of four heroes, into a world of political intrigue and warfare between competing factions. The paths players take and the actions they choose will define the fate of the in-game city of Karthal.

Along the way players will battle fantasy creatures and enemies in a turn-based battle system, collect ancient treasures, complete quests and explore dungeons, labyrinths and towns as they unravel the story.

Earlier this week Ubisoft teased the reveal with a website bearing the Roman numeral X and numerous visual elements from the Might and Magic series.

Check out the reveal trailer above for a first look at Might and Magic X Legacy.