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Filed under: dropping Facebook sign-in requirements no longer requires Facebook sign-in

Zynga is rolling out an update next week to that will put an end to players having to sign into their Facebook accounts before they can play Zynga's games on the company's dedicated gaming portal.

In an blog entry to posted to its website, the company announced that is now independent of Facebook, although players still have the option to connect with Facebook and keep their game friends and game progress. Connecting to Facebook also means players can share their progress with their Facebook friends.

Previously, Zynga games were exclusive to Facebook and, in order to play games on, players had to first sign into their Facebook accounts. In November 2012, the social game developer made a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that detailed both Zynga's and Facebook's plans to change the terms of their relationship. Under the new terms, both companies will be free to operate independent of each other and work with other partners.

In addition to its independence from Facebook, Zynga's latest update to also streamlines the sign-up process.