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Company of Heroes adding Steamworks support to retain online features

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The original Company of Heroes, Relic Entertainment's World War II strategy game, will be updated to include Steamworks support in order to maintain certain online gameplay features that were in danger of being lost, according to producer Greg Wilson.

In a community letter posted by, Wilson explained that the online infrastructure for Company of Heroes would soon be disrupted by a shutdown of the Quazal middleware. Fortunately for fans of the 2006 PC real-time strategy game, with the help of developer Smoking Gun Interactive and Relic's new owner Sega, a port of Company of Heroes to Steamworks will help retain "as many of the original online features working on the new platform as possible."

Those features include things like leaderboards, server side matchmaking and game result validation.

"It is extremely rare in the industry to maintain servers for a six year old game but we feel it is important to support our dedicated fanbase," Wilson wrote. Relic will provide a "specific list of supported online features shortly," he said.

An opt-in version of the updated Company of Heroes will be made available on Steam starting April 8. "Using your key for the original game, you'll be able to download this full version, make a new account and start playing," Wilson said.

Additional details about the Steamworks supported Company of Heroes update are available at

The game's sequel, Company of Heroes 2, will be released on Windows PC on June 25.

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