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Beyond: Two Souls gameplay footage gives a glimpse of three in-game scenes

Beyond: Two Souls gameplay footage captured by CVG and posted to the official Quantic Dream YouTube account offers a nearly nine-minute look at three scenes from the studio's upcoming PlayStation 3 title.

While each section is only a few minutes long, they demonstrate the overall abilities the player gains throughout the game, in addition to their purpose in gameplay segments.

The first scene puts the player in the shoes of a young girl whose psychic abilities are being analyzed as part of a formal lab test. The player is held in alone in a room and tasked with deciding what shape their tester is looking at on a card. Triggering the girl's psychic abilities allows the user to see through walls and over the tester's shoulder. As the girl, the player can later move objects using telekinesis and take over the consciousness of other characters in the game.

Next, an action gameplay tutorial introduces a now grown and recognizable Ellen Paige-faced woman, Jodie Holmes, in a training sequence. Combat is slowed immediately before each hit as she grapples and punches her opponent.

And finally, in a sequence titled the "Condenser scene," Holmes' telekinetic abilities are put into action. Working her way through a building to the lowest Laboratory floor, Holmes finds the lab ablaze and can only enter it using her psychic abilities.

Beyond: Two Souls is scheduled to launch on Oct. 8 for PlayStation 3. A one-hour scene from the game will be screened on April 27 in addition to a panel discussion featuring actor Ellen Page and director David Cage, during this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

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