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CD Projekt Red planning release of REDkit for modders and new games based on its brands

The Witcher 3: The Hunt developer CD Projekt Red plans to expand to the U.S. in addition to releasing REDkit to modders and developing three smaller titles based on its brands, according to the company's four year strategy document.

As outlined in the document, written in Polish, CD Projekt's strategy for the year of 2013 includes opening a marketing and PR branch in the U.S., and release an open beta of its REDkit editor and provide support to community development modders.

For the period of 2014 to 2016, the developer plans to release two smaller "chart-topping quality titles supporting one of the product lines" of approximately 20 hours of gameplay each and a cross-platform game on mobile platforms based on one their brands.

For the same period, the company plans to release The Witcher 3: The Hunt, as previously announced, simultaneously across three platforms, including PS4 and Windows PC. The document notes that The Witcher 3 has 100 hours of gameplay is 35 times the size of The Witcher 2. It also notes its intention of long-term support for the title.

Also part of the three year plan, yet already revealed, is the 2015 release of futuristic thriller Cyberpunk 2077, which will feature tactical combat and diverse character classes associated with the plot.

In the three year time frame, CD Projekt wants to start selling REDengine licenses and release the full version of REDkit whilst providing development support for community modders.

Polygon has reached out to CD Projekt Red and will update this story as information comes to hand.

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