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DuckTales Remastered announced by Capcom, launching this summer on XBLA, PSN, Wii U eShop for $15

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DuckTales Remastered is in development at WayForward Technologies, Capcom announced today during its "World of Capcom" panel at PAX East 2013.

It will launch this summer for $14.99 on PlayStation Network, 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade and $15 on the Wii U eShop.

The character sprites are hand-drawn, while the world will exist in 3D. Disney's authentic voice actors will lend their talents to the game. Capcom also showed a trailer at the panel, complete with the DuckTales theme song lyrics for singing along, that you can watch below. The game's original 8-bit songs will be remastered for the game by WayForward's Jake Kaufman, and new elements include a tutorial; Scrooge's Money Bin, which you can jump into; and a museum.

"We're literally pouring our heart and soul into this title," said Capcom's Rey Jimenez. "It's going to play just like you remember."