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The Besties Podcast 50 - Gears of War: Judgment and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Let's hear it for the supporting character!

This week, we discuss two games based off the less popular sidekicks of major franchises. First, we have the Ballad of Baird, also known as Gears of War: Judgment. The fourth game in the Gears of War franchise has more of what you've come to expect from the franchise, which means hours of carefree body mutilation.

Speaking of dead stuff, Justin leans over the campfire to tell us a scary story about the time he reviewed The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

Sticking to the ghastly theme, we finish the show with a Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, the second game in a series about the lesser-loved plumber turned ghost hunter. Is Dark Moon the 3DS's killer app? Does anyone care about 3DS when we have Super Stickman Golf 2 on our cellphones? Does the video game industry have a morbid fascination with our mutual fleeting mortality?

Find out on this week's Besties!

Theme song by Ian Dorsch

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