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New trailer shows off Diablo 3's brutal loot-hunting on PlayStation 3

Blizzard has released a new trailer showing how Diablo 3 will look when it comes to PlayStation 3 as Blizzard's first console title in over a decade.

The interface has been redesigned to suit the console format and its lack of a mouse, but otherwise it looks exactly like what players have come to expect from Diablo 3. According to Blizzard, the PlayStation version of the game features an "updated interface and inventory system ... as well as direct character control, an updated camera and monsters 'specifically tuned for console.'"

The console version of Diablo 3 is playable at this weekend's PAX East convention, and Polygon will be there for a hands-on report.

In February, Blizzard announced plans to bring Diablo 3 to PS3 and PS4 with four-player, full-screen co-op for online and offline multiplayer.

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