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Wizards of the Coast partnering with Playdek to bring D&D board games to iOS

Wizards of the Coast has entered into a partnership with game developer Playdek to bring its series of Dungeons and Dragons board games to iOS and "other platforms," it was announced at Wizards' PAX East panel today.

Wizards senior manager Mike Mearls revealed that the two teams were working to digitize the Dungeons and Dragons board game line, a standalone series which launched in 2010 with Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft. The board games feature different rules and more codified structure than the core tabletop game, making it a slightly better fit for a video game adaptation.

Mearls didn't reveal a title for the board game being adapted by Playdek — a team which specializes in card, board and deckbuilding games for mobile platforms — nor did he reveal which "other platforms" the team is developing for. We've reached out to Playdek to try and fill in the blanks.

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