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Natural Selection 2 half off, free-to-play this weekend

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Natural Selection 2, Unknown Worlds' first-person shooter real-time strategy hybrid, is half off its usual price and free-to-play this weekend in celebration of PAX East, the developer announced.

According to the announcement post, Unknown Worlds expects more than 15,000 concurrent players, some of who "might like [Natural Selection 2] so much they choose to buy the game."

"We've worked non-stop since launch four months ago to improve NS2," the post reads. " ... NS2 is ready for a free weekend, and we're proud of how good it will be when people arrive.

"NS2 is a complex game with a steeper learning curve than many bigger titles, such as Call of Duty. During the free weekend, we can all improve newcomer's experiences by teaching new commanders, helping out newbies, and regularly jumping in the command chair ourselves!"

Those interested can check out the game via Steam. The free weekend ends Sunday, March 24. Natural Selection 2's half off sale, which drops the price from $24.99 to $12. 49, draws to a close March 25.

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