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DayZ alpha will not be released until after June, creator says

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DayZ, the standalone zombie game that began as an Arma 2 mod, will not be released in alpha mode earlier than June, creator Dean Hall told Joystiq.

Hall told the publication that the team has one final thing they're waiting on before release: the completion of the game's client-server architecture, which turns the title into a massively multiplayer online game.

"We're going to review the situation in June," Hall said. "So there'll be no release between now and June. And we're quite hopeful that we'll go then. I know that people get really frustrated because they want to play, but I just think this is the best option."

DayZ was previously expected to launch in 2012. After a delay due to major changes in the game's engine, it was tentatively scheduled for launch before April.

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