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La-Mulana launches April 15 on Steam, pre-orders 10 percent off

La-Mulana, Nigoro's Greenlit "archaeological ruin exploration action game," will be released via Steam April 15.

The 2D side-scroller was developed in 2006 and passed through Steam Greenlight in January. In La-Mulana, players explore ancient ruins in search of the "Secret Treasure of Life." It features 40 quest items, 18 areas, seven primary weapons and more. Players must dodge traps while avoiding enemies and solving puzzles.

The game has been modified for Steam to include 64 achievements, Cloud saves, extra language settings and support for Big Picture Mode, which allows it to be played on a TV.

La-Mulana is available for pre-order now for $13.49, a 10 percent discount off its usual $14.99 price tag. It will be available for Windows PC.

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