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Borderlands 2 level cap increasing to 61 with new DLC, launching April 2

Borderlands 2's level cap is being raised to level 61 with an upcoming piece of DLC for the game, which will also add a new tier of gear to the title when it launches.

The Ultimate Vault Hunter's Pack, which launches April 2 and will cost $5 (Season Pass owners will be able to get it for free), increases the level cap from 50 to 61, allowing players to increase their characters' stats to new heights. Owners of the pack can access a new tier of gear, called Pearlescent gear, which will be stronger than the armaments currently available in the game.

The game will have a new mode added in a free patch when the DLC goes live called Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, giving players the opportunity to take their maxed out heroes through the game a third time. That update will be free for everyone.