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Borderlands 2's fourth campaign expansion teased with 'Bunkers and Badasses' at PAX East

Borderlands 2's fourth campaign expansion, which is included in the title's Season Pass, was teased with a brief video during Gearbox's PAX East 2013 panel.

The video, posted above, showed the protagonists of the original Borderlands engaged in a game of "Bunkers and Badasses" with Borderlands 2's pint-sized master of destruction, Tiny Tina. The characters debate which of the tabletop game's classes they'll play — Brick chooses the Siren, confounding his meathead stereotype — before Tina rolls for initiative as the teaser abruptly ends.

No major details about the DLC were revealed at the event, though panelists said the DLC will be the largest campaign expansion yet, and is expected to launch by the end of June.