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Magicka: Wizard Wars pits player against player with spellcrafting battles

Paradox North today announced the launch of Magicka: Wizard Wars, a new title in the Magicka franchise that throws players into PvP-centric multiplayer matches.

In Magicka: Wizard Wars, two teams of four players are put head-to-head in competitive matches. Like previous games in the Magicka series, combat is based on Magicka's already established system of spellcrafting and comedy-laden features like friendly fire. According to the developer, The game supports both quick plays and multi-hour binges.

"Magicka has always allowed for some unique gameplay and, with Wizard Wars, we've really captured the true experience of PvP wizardry," said executive VP John Hargelid in a prepared statement.

"When you put the team focused, hardcore competition of online games together with characters whose attacks are fluid and dynamic and then give teammates the ability to implode, freeze, and fling each other by accident it's really something special to watch, and to play, and to yell at your friends about afterwards."

This is the first title developed by Paradox North, a new studio under Paradox Interactive's umbrella. The development crew is made up of former Avalanche Studios members and Digital Illusions CE staff.

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