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Doctor Who content coming to PlayStation Home this week

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Doctor Who's wardrobe and TARDIS will be available to purchase this week within PlayStation Home, PlayStation Blog revealed today.

The content, which will be released March 27, focuses on the the more recent Doctor Who adventures — sorry, longtime fans, there's no scarves and trenchcoats on offer this time around. The "Wave One Bundle" of Doctor Who merch includes the Eleventh Doctor's suit and bowtie, River Song's catsuit and costumes for two alien races, the Silurian and the Silent. Users will also be able to purchase a pet Cybermat to follow them around the world, and purchase access to a private space modeled after the impossibly large interior of the TARDIS.

Inclined buyers of the content can also use Home's in-game camera to create their own Doctor Who videos, which they can upload to YouTube. Check out all the Doctor Who content included in Wave One in the video above.

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