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Watch the first six minutes of Sony's atmospheric PSN title Rain

Sony has released a video showing six minutes of gameplay from Rain, the downloadable PSN title it announced last year at Gamescom from Echochrome and Tokyo Jungle developer team PlayStation C.A.M.P.

The protagonist of Rain is a young ghostly boy in search of an equally ghostly girl. However, the boy is only visible when in areas where it is raining; when he enters a dry spot his location can only be discerned by wet footsteps that quickly dry out and the location of the camera. The video shows off this mechanic as well as some rudimentary sneaking puzzles to evade ethereal dog-monsters of some kind by dashing from dry spot to dry spot when their backs are turned.

Rain will be downloadable over PSN, and it does not yet have a release date. Sony has said it will be showing off the game at this week's Game Developers Conference.

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