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Skullgirls fundraising campaign hits $600,000, will add third DLC fighter

Lab Zero Games' Skullgirls is adding its third DLC fighter and have revealed the three remaining Mysterious Characters DLC, since the developer's Indiegogo fundraiser has surpassed $600,000.

People who backed the project are invited to vote on which fighter, of many, they would like see included as the third DLC character. Voting commences "sometime after" the campaign's conclusion on March 27. Backers will receive voting links via email.

The third DLC fighter will join the already-funded Squigly and Big Band as a downloadable add-ons for the 2D fighter. At the $625,000 mark, the new character will receive a personal stage and story.

Since Polygon last spoke to Lab Zero, the developer's stretch goals successfully hit include Big Band's personal stage and story, Saxploitation" voice pack for Big Band, a female announcer voice pack and a drunk announcer voice pack.

Lab Zero Games will give Mane6 a free Skullgirls engine license to use in Fighting is Magic if the Skullgirls IndieGoGo campaign reaches $725,000

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