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Bioshock Infinite gets exclusive custom audio mode for PS3 Pulse headset

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Sony and Irrational Games have announced a new custom audio mode that will be available in Bioshock Infinite for PlayStation 3 Pulse-Elite headsets at launch.

This custom audio mode features Sony's new BassImpact technology, said to enable the sound of gunshots and explosions to feel more "dynamic and powerful."

Engineers with both Sony and Irrational worked together to bring the pulses from BassImpact into particular audio elements in the game. According to a post on the official PlayStation Blog:

"We examined characteristics of sounds such as frequency and amplitude as well as gameplay data like attack times, then tailored the strength of the BassImpact actuator responses to complement those in-game sounds. This means that the pulse you feel from a gunshot will be different than the pulses you feel from an explosion."

The Bioshock Infinite audio mode can be downloaded for free from the Pulse-Elite Manager App which launch in December of last year.

In addition, beginning today until April 9th, 2013, those who purchase Bioshock Infinite will get $20 off the purchase of the Pulse-Elite headset at GameStop,,, Hastings, Transworld and Nebraska Furniture Mart.

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