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Transistor gameplay footage demonstrates Supergiant's foray into turn-based strategy combat

This uncommented PAX East gameplay footage of Supergiant Games' latest title Transistor features the protagonist Red in action, the funky audio design and the turn-based strategy combat. The footage was captured by YouTube commentator TotalBiscuit.

As outlined in Polygon's Transistor preview, Red was a superstar who had her voice stolen after a confrontation with five assassins. She then finds companionship in a possessed sword called the Transistor — which she found embedded in the soul's cadaver.

The 15-minute long gameplay shows Red dispatching robots spawned by the city-wide AI, referred to as the Process, who is after the Transistor. As touched upon in Polygon's PAX hands-on, the gameplay illustrates Transistor's sideways evolution into turn-based strategy combat.

The player then pauses the gameplay, transforming the setting to a neon-techno environment, and maps out the sequence of attacking moves as highlighted in a grid formation. Later on in the footage, the player demonstrates how to set up an attack upon multiple enemies by lining them up.

Although Transistor may seem superficially similar to Supergiant's Bastion, the developer told Polygon that it wanted to temporarily depart from the fantasy realm to try out the science fiction genre.

The Supergiant Games announced Transistor via a tweet last week and provided a 20-minute playable section for PAX East attendees over the weekend. Transistor is slated for an early 2014 release; however, the developer is yet to decide what platforms to release it on.

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