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Heavy Gear Assault wants you to pilot 14-foot mechs (update: uses Unreal Engine 4)

Stompy Bot Productions and MekTek Studios have released a mock-up advertisement featuring in-game corporation Paxton Arms, the fictional mech manufacturer in its upcoming PC mecha title Heavy Gear Assault.

Heavy Gear Assault puts players in the role of a Mech Pilot involved in the Gear Dueling competition on planet Terra Nova.

Stompy Bot Production's mech project is a collaboration with two game Canadian development studios: MekTek Studios and Dream Pod 9.

The publisher has launched its own funding drive to develop Heavy Gear Assault. At the time of writing, the campaign has a total of $105,045 in pledges, 11 percent of its $900,000 goal.

Stayed tuned for further Heavy Gear Assault coverage from the Game Developers Conference.

Update: Heavy Gear Assault will utilize Unreal Engine 4, the game's developers confirmed in a press release.

"We are privileged to be amongst the first titles to use Epic Game's Unreal Engine 4," Vince McMullin, President, MekTek Studios wrote. "We will be able to bring all the gritty realities of sporting combat in the Heavy Gear Universe to life with never before imagined high-end visuals. Heavy Gear Assault will truly be the first next-generation mecha game."

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