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Minecraft books for children to be published in UK this September

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Four children's books about Minecraft, Mojang's incredibly successful sandbox title, will be released in the U.K. this September, publisher Egmont recently announced.

The four books are part of a publishing deal between Mojang and Egmont, which covers all territories outside of North America. The books will focus on increasingly in-depth components of Minecraft's gameplay, titled The Beginner's Handbook, The Combat Handbook, The Redstone Handbook, and The Construction Handbook. Egmont, which secured the Minecraft license last year, will also release a poster book, an All About Minecraft magazine and a Minecraft Annual with complex blueprints for in-game builds.

Each of the four handbooks will cost £5.99, the Minecraft Annual will cost £7.99 and the poster book will retail for £9.99.

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