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DICE offers a retrospective look into Battlefield 3's creation in new dev diary

Battlefield 4 is scheduled to be revealed today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and EA has released a Battlefield 3 retrospective to commemorate the most recent chapter in the franchise before moving on.

In the video produced by EA's "Pwned" show, staff at Battlefield studio EA DICE talk about their experiences creating the game, from its inception to its first reveal to how it felt when the game faced the guns of the critics upon release. "If [the critics] pick up on thing that I know of, it feels better that I wasn't 100% pleased with [it]," says creative director Lars Gustavsson, "but if they find new stuff, that worries me."

Polygon is on the floor at GDC and will be bringing you the Battlefield 4 announcement later today.