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Battlefield 4 reveal trailer (update)

A Battlefield 4 announce trailer, released early by Youtube user punish, showcases a montage of in-game footage featuring combat across land and sea.

The video shows a zodiac craft powering towards a battleship, vehicle-borne combat scenes and at least two crashing helicopters. The three environments showcased in the leaked screenshots are also in the trailer.

The action revolves around the two characters who are featured in the leaked screenshots. At one stage in the video, they have to shoot their way out of a submerged helicopter.

The trailer follows close after a NeoGAF user located Battlefield 4 screens on the official Battlefield blog.

EA Dice's first-person shooter is being officially revealed at an EA event in San Fransisco tonight.

Thank you, Alex Allegro.
Update: The video above is updated and is from an official source.

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