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AMD lends its graphics technology to cloud gaming

AMD moves into cloud gaming

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), best known as a developer of graphics processors and chipsets, announced today that it will enter the cloud gaming business by lending its graphics processing technology to cloud gaming service providers.

During a press conference held in San Francisco, AMD revealed it will support cloud gaming servers by partnering with companies that provide cloud-based gaming services. Unlike competitor Nvidia, which announced at CES this year that it will launch its own cloud-based gaming hardware, AMD will adopt a "partner strategy." The partner strategy will see the company offer its technology to companies that already provide cloud-based gaming services, and these partners can then "deploy the right service to their target market."

The four launch partners AMD is working with are CiiNOW, Otoy, Ubitus and G-Cluster, who each provide cloud gaming services that "deliver a world-class content experience to millions of gamers, whether it's through PCs, tablets, Smart TVs or mobile devices." AMD's RapidFire technology will "enable highly efficient and responsive game streaming."

In addition to its cloud gaming partnerships, AMD announced a new line of graphics cards — the AMD Radeon Sky series — which is dedicated to cloud gaming. The series of cards include the AMD Radeon Sky 900, AMD Radeon Sky 700 and AMD Radeon Sky 500s, which will go into production in Q2 of 2013.