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Shackleton Crater Kickstarter campaign closes, dev pursuing other funding opportunities

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Joe Got Game's turn-based strategy title, Shackleton Crater, has closed; however, the studio is pursuing other opportunities to develop and publish the game.

Shackleton Crater has a near-future setting and is based in a crater at the south pole of the Moon. It uses NASA's terrain maps and satellite photos of the lunar surface to portray as much realism as possible.

"We have decided to close our Kickstarter campaign for Shackleton Crater," Joe Got Games' founder Joe Ybarra wrote on the game's Kickstarter page. "Our passion for creating a game of lunar colonization has not been shared by sufficient people to realistically continue our Kickstarter campaign, so we are reluctantly ending our current efforts."

The campaign, which launched March 11, raised a total of $27,460 in pledges from 808 backers. With initial goal of $700,000, the team had hoped to release the game in March, 2014. He went on to say the team received feedback from the community that more details about the game and gameplay were desired, to "effectively communicate" the game.

"Our dream of creating Shackleton Crater has not diminished, so we plan to continue our development efforts to provide this detail," Ybarra wrote. "Additionally we plan to pursue other opportunities to develop and publish our game. We'll stay in touch with everyone as our plans solidify."

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