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BioShock Infinite is technically playable on PS Vita through Remote Play

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While BioShock Infinite does not officially support Remote Play via PlayStation Vita devices, gamer John Trevor has used custom firmware installed on his PlayStation 3 to provide a go-around.

The video demonstrates that it is indeed technically feasible to play the game on PS Vita, despite developer Irrational Games having no current plans to port the title to the handheld device.

According to Trevor, it is possible to rip Infinite to the internal hard drive of the PS3 using various custom firmware, followed by assigning buttons to the PS Vita. The, y'know, legality of this is questionable the say the least. Trevor adds that it is equally possible for Sony to ban accounts on the basis of this.

Developer Ken Levine has spoken publicly about his interest in developing for PlayStation Vita in the past. An often rumored BioShock title designed for the handheld device is still a possibility; however, Levine has stated it remains in the hands of "business people" now.

"It's something I'm still interested in," he previously told IGN, "and people ask me that all the time. Right now I'm just sort of waiting to see what the business people come up with, and that's sort of out of my hands at this point. That's something that I think has a lot of potential. The game idea we have has a lot of potential. It's just a question of [if] their stars all align."

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