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Age of Wushu will release as a boxed Special Retail Edition

Age of Wushu, Snail Game's upcoming massively-multiplayer online game set in China's Ming Dynasty, will come in a Special Retail Edition for $19.99 that includes an estimated $80 worth of extras.

Age of Wushu will launch as a free-to-play title on April 10 and the boxed Special Retail Edition will release in stores later that month.

The bonus content available in the retail version includes two months VIP, gold, 30 days unique fashion set, 30 day unique mount, 500 Liang in silver and more.

It will also include an exclusive mission called "Twilight Village Single Player Adventure with Jet Li," where players fight alongside the action hero to save a village.

The Special Retail Edition will be given to consumers who bought the Elite Editions of Age of Wushu before the first Beta.

Read more about Age of Wushu's leveling system and economy in Polygon's interview with Snail Games here.