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Indie games cafe Loading comes to London next month

Loading, the cafe best known for offering its games-themed cocktails at various industry promotional events, will open its new branch in London's Soho district in mid-April.

Following two trial gamer nights held in the Soho venue earlier in the month, founder James Dance will re-open the bar permanently under the name Loading Soho. In addition to using the venue for developer-related events, founder Justin Dance told MCV:

"It will also serve as a space where the community can rub shoulders with industry people. Gamers were pleased to meet the community managers they've been tweeting to for years."

He adds he will still need to reach out to companies for support. "Our budget is still non-existent," he says, "but now that we've got everything we need in terms of space and reputation, it's just about doing a little bit of decoration and really going for it. Now I've got to move up to London and get started."

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