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Portal fan makes a fully 3D printable GLaDOS ceiling lamp

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With the help of a 3D printer, one Portal fan created a life-size GLaDOS robotic arm ceiling lamp.

Instructions on how to create the lamp are available on the Instructibles website, where a user named Dragonator also describes his struggles in developing the project.

Initially the lamp instructional was intended to offer a look at how to build a 3D printable GLaDOS arm lamp that could also move; however, as of now the designer is still experimenting with how to get the arm to move without the electronics overheating. He states he is also continuing to modify the lamp as he finds small issues in parts of the base of the structure.

"To make this lamp you will need a printer that is comfortable printing with a lot of support material. The design isn't supportless and is quite hard to print. I used a UP! 3D printer, that is more than capable enough printing with support material. All of the parts are designed around the maximum build sizes of the UP! [printers].

"Also you will need some skills electronics and be comfortable using power from the mains. Also you will need a LOT of time. Printing alone will set you back at least 40 hours."

An UP! Plus 3D printer can be purchased for $1,400 on its official company website.

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