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Leaked Poker Night 2 screens show Evil Dead's Ash, Venture Bros.' Brock and more

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Telltale's recently posted teaser site is for Poker Night 2, a sequel to the studio's high-stakes, comedic poker game, according to a few screenshots recently leaked by an Xbox Live Marketplace asset site.

The screenshots show a few surprising new players take their place around the table: Evil Dead series protagonist Ash, Borderlands pest Claptrap, adventure game detective Sam and Venture Bros. roughneck Brock are all shown playing Texas Hold 'Em in the images. Portal's GLaDOS also hangs over the proceedings, but isn't listed as a player in the user interface seen in the screens.

That matches the mash-up motif of the first game in the series, Poker Night at the Inventory, which saw the player matching wits with Homestar Runner's Strong Bad, Team Fortress 2's Heavy, Sam's partner Max and Tycho from Penny Arcade.

Also leaked is the game's box art, which paints it for an Xbox Live Arcade release, though it will likely come to other platforms as well. We've reached out to Telltale for their comment on the leaked screenshots, but the characters shown seem to line up with some of the clues on Telltale's teaser site, which shows the logo of Sam & Max's trusty DeSoto, Brock's oversized combat knife and Evil Dead's nightmarish tome, the Necronomicon.

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