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Final Fantasy 5 launches on iOS in New Zealand

Final Fantasy 5 has arrived on the New Zealand iOS App Store, likely indicating that it will launch in North America tomorrow.

The universal app carries a price tag of $19.99 NZ on the New Zealand App Store, which is the same price as Final Fantasy 4 launched at in the region — in North America, FF4 costs $15.99, which is as good a guess as any for FF5's local price. The game includes GameCenter support, achievements and the "Sealed Temple" dungeon that was included in Final Fantasy 5 Advance, which launched on Game Boy Advance in 2006.

The remake's new graphical style, a result of character designer Kazuko Shibuya's attempt to create a "completely enhanced mobile experience," according to the App Store product listing, can be seen in the image above. Typically, iOS games come to North America the day after hitting the New Zealand storefront; we've contacted Square Enix to make sure we'll be getting our hands on it soon.