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Miiverse to come to smartphones and PC by May, 3DS version in the works

Miiverse coming to smartphones, PC and 3DS

Nintendo's social "empathy" network for the Wii U, Miiverse, will come to smartphones and web browsers sometime in April or May, with a 3DS version to follow at a later date.

The producer of Miiverse, Kiyoshi Mizuki said during a talk at the Game Developers Conference that the Miiverse mobile and web browser app should be available by May and will, at first, provide basic Miiverse functionality, like posting comments, drawing doodles, and viewing and engaging with communities.

A 3DS version of Miiverse is also in the works, although a release date was not confirmed. Mizuki said unlike the Wii U, on which all games have Miiverse support, there will be existing games and apps on the 3DS that won't be Miiverse compatible.

Mizuki said the company is currently taking requests from game developers for what they would like to see in the update Miiverse API.

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