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Fighting is Magic gets Skullgirls engine; Skullgirls campaign ends with five DLC fighters

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Mane6 will receive a free Skullgirls engine license to use in Fighting is Magic now that Lab Zero Games' Skullgirls IndieGoGo campaign surpassed $725,000.

"Give us a bit to get out of our lack-of-words-at-the-awesomess-that-is-you-guys and we'll post something wordier =3 [sic]," Mane6 recently posted on its website.

Lab Zero Games announced their intention to donate the engine earlier this month. The Skullgirls campaign ended just hours ago and has received a total of $829,829 in pledges, surpassing their initial goal of $150,000

Skullgirls will now feature five DLC characters thanks to its "Keep Skullgirls Growing Campaign." These characters include Robo-Fortune, Squigly, Big Band, a fighter that backers will get to vote on from a list of Mysterious Characters and a mystery character.

Since our last update on the Skullgirls fundraiser, the project has hit several funding goals. These include the Anime Peacock voice pack at $650,000; Soviet Damage voice pack at $700,000; Robo-Fortune character DLC at $725,000; Robo-Fortune character stage and story at $750,000; and another mystery character at $825,000.

Fighting is Magic was initially based on the My Little Pony franchise, until Hasbro brought the development to a halt. Hasbro's blockade was dodged when creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Lauren Faust said she would create "all new characters in a new setting" for the game. According to the Mane6 website, it will "no longer be based on the MLP franchise.

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