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Undocumented immigrant uses Xbox Live history to gain legal residency

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Jose Munoz came to the U.S. with his parents at the age of one. Two decades later, after learning of an opportunity to become a legal citizen in the country, Munoz found the only way to establish his continued residency in America was through his Xbox Live account history.

Munoz met the requirements for the Deferred Action program, which would allow him to finally become a legal resident in the U.S. He graduated with honors from high school in 2005, had no criminal record and lived in the country since the time he was a baby. There was a problem, however. In order to qualify, he would need proof of his residency in the country since 2007. Because he graduated two years earlier and hadn't work in the meantime, Munoz didn't have this documentation.

As an avid gamer, however, he had a traceable history of purchases and communications tied to his Xbox Live account. Describing the situation, attorney Davorin Odrcic states:

"Then it dawned on me that he may have some record of the games he had purchased or something that shows he's been here since 2007.

"He sent me the proof of this that had his address, his account information and proof of all the games he had downloaded or purchased since 2007. It worked perfectly to establish that he's been here continuously."Munoz now holds two jobs, has a drivers license and a car - things that were previously impossible without legal residency.

"I work seven days a week, but that's OK because I'm saving money to go to school and help my family," he told the Milwaukee Journey Sentinel.

"After all that time that I was so bored, now I don't like having a day off. I've had enough days off. I can finally do what I want to do because nothing is holding me back."