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Crytek talks tech, educational outreach with CryEngine 3 at GDC

Every year GDC sees dozens of hardware makers, software developers and middleware providers gather to show off their new tech and sell the industry on their solutions for the problems of game design.

Crytek is currently working with an unannounced hardware partner and British universities to get CryEngine 3 into educational settings, all while working to make CryEngine 3 the best possible solution for next-gen — whenever they're prepared to talk about it, that is.

This year, Crytek is on the expo floor at GDC to show off their newest technical improvements to CryEngine 3 post-Crysis 3, and Polygon sat down with Crytek Technical Director Scott Fitzgerald to talk about where Crytek is going, and how it's working to expand the development community using CryEngine 3.

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