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Tearaway's GPS and procedural generation features left behind in favor of a more focused game

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As part of a production process panel titled "Glitter and Doom" at the Game Developers Conference today, Media Molecule studio director Siobhan Reddy revealed a pair of features cut from Vita game Tearaway early in development.

Specifically, Reddy said that the team at Media Molecule had too many ideas on the table to see them all through successfully, so it had to narrow things down, and in the process cut a procedural world generation system and a GPS location-based idea (though she didn't specify how either worked).

The upside of this, Reddy said, was that it enabled the team to put a bigger focus on Tearaway's "god-like" powers, such as the ability for players to poke their fingers into the game via Vita's back touchscreen, and the ability for players to shout at the Vita to make main character Iota shout in the game.

Tearaway is currently scheduled for release later this year.

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